Sedation Dentistry in San Diego, CA

Does going to the dentist make you or one of your family members nervous? You’re not alone, as many Americans feel anxious when they visit their dentists. Fortunately, our dentists at Modern Dentistry can treat your anxiety with sedation dentistry.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

To help you relax and calm down when visiting one of our dentists in San Diego, he or she can provide you with sedation to calm your nerves. There are four different types of sedation that they can use to help you remain calm and reduce any discomfort you may have during treatments.

Laughing Gas

The most popular form of sedation is laughing gas because our dentists can use it with patients of all ages. Also, along with reducing their anxiety, it reduces discomfort, allowing dentists to give their patients numbing injections if they need to fill cavities or do other procedures.

Our dentists carefully monitor the use of laughing gas so that the patient remains comfortable without experiencing the side effects of the sedative. Most people who receive laughing gas don’t have any reaction to it, including young children.

Oral Sedation

Our dentists at Modern Dentistry may give some patients, including children, oral sedation if they have reactions to laughing gas. Oral sedation involves taking a pill or a tablet to calm down before having a procedure.

The main downside to using this type of sedation is that it takes up to 20 minutes to take effect. For patients they have experience with, our dentists near you in San Diego may give them the sedative when they check-in for their appointment so that they can be under its influence by the time they see their dentist.

IV Sedation

An IV sedation, which is also known as Twilight Sedation, involves the placement of a needle in the patient’s arm and injecting a liquid sedative from an IV bag through the needle. Even though it can be uncomfortable for some people because of the needle, it goes into effect the fastest since the delivery of the sedative is directly into the bloodstream.

General Anesthesia

This involves putting patients in a sleep state with a sedative for more invasive procedures like surgeries. Our dentists at Modern Dentistry in San Diego don’t ordinarily use general anesthesia because they need to have an anesthesiologist present who can monitor the patient.

If you get nervous about going to a dentist, our dentists can help you remain calm with sedation dentistry.