Extraction in San Diego

It is rare for our dentists at Modern Dentistry to do an extraction as they try to save teeth when they can. However, the procedure is sometimes necessary if the tooth is falling apart from decay or if it causes overcrowding and crooked teeth. Here is what to expect if you ever need our dentists to remove a tooth in San Diego.

Manually Extracting Teeth

Innovations in dental technology over the past few years has completely changed the way dentists perform many procedures. For instance, dental lasers have made filling cavities and root canals easier to do and reduced the discomfort for many people.

However, extracting teeth is still pretty much the same. Our dentists will provide sedation in the form of laughing gas or IV sedation to help calm the patient, then numb the tooth so that they don’t feel any discomfort during the procedure.

The procedure involves using forceps to extract a tooth manually, but with the 2004 forceps design, removing teeth is faster and easier on both the patient and the dentist. The forceps are known as the Physics Forceps.

Using the Physics Forceps

The Physics Forceps have several advantages over conventional forceps when it comes to extracting teeth. Instead of our dentists at Modern Dentistry needing to apply force to a tooth to remove it, the biomechanical design of the newer forceps allows the dentist to apply minimal force to remove a tooth.

These forceps allow for atraumatic tooth removal because there are fewer instances of a crown, root, or buccal breakage. The buccal is the surface of the tooth that is opposite of the cheek. The less breakage there is, the quicker the site will heal.

Also, it takes only about four minutes for a tooth to come out when our dentists near you in San Diego use these innovative forceps. If you’re getting a dental implant to replace the tooth, then having little to no damage at the site means our dentists may be able to place it immediately.

If one of our dentists at Modern Dentistry in San Diego thinks an extraction is necessary, you can be certain that the procedure will be quick and less painful by using these innovative forceps.